Helpful Onsite Info

Helpful Information Once Onsite

Audio CD Sales – On site: Located in the Delta Lobby. Most convention sessions are recorded and will be available for purchase on audio CDs. All materials, speeches, tapes, and songs presented at the NRB Convention are the sole and exclusive property of NRB and/or the person representing same. No rebroadcast, republication, or other use of any kind whatsoever is permitted.

Audio CD Sales – Post-convention: CDs can be purchased after the convention. Information will be in the Official NRB Program Book received during convention or on the convention website,

Autograph Booths: For times and authors, refer to the Autograph Booth section in the Program Book, and the Exposition Program and Guide available at Registration.

Badges:  Badges or tickets are required for admission to all General Sessions, Educational Sessions, meal functions, and the Exhibit Hall. They are not transferable. If you forget or lose your badge, you will need to go to the convention registration desk to obtain a replacement. There is a $5.00 nonrefundable fee to replace lost badges.

Book Table: Be sure to visit the Book Table by NRB Registration to purchase your own copy of books and other material written and produced by some of the speakers and artists of NRB15.

Convention Office is located at the Delta A Lobby Registration Desk.

In-Room TV Channel Listing:  Specific channels on your hotel room TV will have special programming from a limited number of organizations participating in the NRB Convention.  Listings will appear in the Official NRB Program Book.

Job Board: Stop by the Member Center to check out the Job Board. Organizations are encouraged to post jobs during the convention. Bring your resume, and while you’re there, see what jobs have been posted. Speak to someone at the Member Center in the Delta B Lobby for posting instructions. Postings are free to NRB Members / $75 per posting for non-members.

Member Center: Located in the Delta B Lobby. Pick up an NRB Membership Application or check on and other information that is available. Stop by to get your NRB Member Ribbon for your registration badge. You can update info regarding your organization, verify that you are registered to vote at the Business Meeting, pay outstanding dues, or just visit for a few moments.

Meal Tickets: Meal tickets are available for purchase at Registration, located in the Ryman C Exhibit Hall.

News Media Center: Located in Delta Ballroom B. Facilities are available to officially registered news personnel. Distribution of material is prohibited outside of the press area. NRB reserves the right to revoke the privileges of anyone violating these restrictions. The schedule of Press Conferences will be available in the Media Center.

Parking: Parking for overnight guests of the hotel is $17.00 plus tax per night and is $21.00 plus tax for guests driving in daily. Guest Valet parking is $28.00 plus tax per night.

Recording Policy: All recordings, including but not limited to speeches, songs, recorded voice or videos, photographs, and portraits, presented at the NRB Convention are the sole and exclusive property of NRB and/or the person representing same. Your convention attendance authorizes NRB and its contractors, licensees, and assignees to: make recordings and reproduce, distribute for sale or otherwise make derivative works; transmit, display, and publicly perform recordings, transcriptions, and derivative works in any medium containing your image and/or statements made at the convention; telecast, air, and post all recordings on NRB’s website; and archive and stream recordings. You authorize that NRB may use recordings on a sustaining or commercial basis for publicity and promotional purposes. You shall not rebroadcast or republish without permission from NRB.

Registration: Exhibit Hall – Ryman C

Unauthorized Solicitation: Solicitation of business within the Exhibit Hall or any other area of the convention facility by persons other than exhibitors is strictly prohibited. Any material left in public areas of the hotel will be discarded.

Wireless Access: Locations for Wi-Fi, along with the necessary passphrase to access this service, will be listed in the Convention Program book.

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